2020 TEMI Awards

Judging Panel 

To maintain high standards and ensure the TEMI Awards remain fair and transparent, we draw on a team of independent industry professionals to assess all TEMI Award submissions. 

Our panel of Judges is made up of well-respected industry experts from across the talent/career mobility, immigration, taxation, relocation, recruitment, travel management and advisory industry sectors.  Our judges provide a level of prestige to our awards night as we celebrate all the hard work and dedication over the last year. 

A minimum of four Judges plus the Judging Chair will review and assess each Award submission. In terms of the Judging Process, Judging will be anonymous, therefore no other Judge will know how the other Judges have assessed the submission.  Judges are not invited to judge any category that their company may have entered. The Judging process will also comprise of two stages, via the TEMI Awards Judging Portal. 

Award Finalists will also have the opportunity to network with some of our Judges at the Awards Ceremony.