The 2022 Kids Club Program

The kids program offered at our MDDA Retreats are more than just a standard kids club!

Our programs are designed to specifically suit the families in attendance, ensuring age appropriate activities, supervision and programs are provided that ensure lots of fun and inclusion for everyone regardless if they are a child with an IEM, sibling or friend. 

A casual tweens/teens club is offered for older children where they can be signed in as a 'casual' and come and go at their own leisure to the various activities. With this program however there will be a few mandatory sessions to be attended to ensure inclusion and interaction by all.

MDDA's Kids Club at Retreat provides supervision for children during key times in order to provide parents with the ability to attend educational sessions whilst kids are enjoying their own time. 

Activities are broken into 3 groups

1. 0-4 years - Childcare/Creche

2. 4-10 years - Supervised Kids Club

3. 10+ years - Tweens Club (casual kids club with suitable intermittent activities to suit Tweens and Teens)

Times (These will be confirmed closer to the event)

Friday: 3PM - 6PM

Saturday: 8:30AM - 6PM

Sunday: 9AM - 1PM


Fruit and Water will be available at all times. Kids will need to be signed in and out for morning tea, afternoon tea and lunch.

Once a child is signed into the program they are not permitted to leave without the parent/guardian signing them out first. This includes going back to their rooms or wondering off to hang out with any older unsupervised children. Please clearly name nappy bags/backpacks and other precious items.

Any kids not signed into the program will not be the responsibility of the childcare workers.